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WYTV7 Community Broadcasters Network, Inc.

Mission: Education- Empowerment- Encouragement

WYTV7-CBN, Inc., is an organization for charity and education with a mission to develop and align as a learning resource tool; that provides educational opportunity for individuals interested in learning from the programs we offer and the broadcast we produce. 

We are America's #1 Relationship Network providing storytelling, transparency and integrity. We believe in sharing stories of real people who have experienced real life situations to provide an educational resource for people in need. We serve one person at a time, yet we have impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide.  

We do good works in communities providing financial literacy, youth empowerment training, health and wellness education, help underprivileged, support and strengthening families/individuals, self-help awareness empowering, giving scholarships, and helping community essential workers. We are an all-inclusive and diverse network helping others in the community.