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Charlotte Mecklenburg School Rep
Keisha Merritt Dolson- CTE
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Truliant Federal Credit Union
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teaching students financial literacy
Wesley from  Uwharrie Bank talking to students about Financial Literacy
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Educating Students on Financial Management and Saving for College -  April 2020

Virtual on-line student Financial Literacy/ Health & Wellness  workshop - April 2021


As the country and the state of North Carolina experiences low unemployment numbers there is a growing sense of excitement about the future.  But sadly, many of our youth residing in disadvantaged communities in the Charlotte area do not share that sense of excitement.  They do not share the same sense of HOPE that many adults feel because they don’t honestly believe that they will be able to participate in the growing economy. Too many of our youth don’t see the point in working hard and getting a good education because they don’t believe it will pay off financially. 

On the other hand, we know that all people, young and old alike, who have a sense of hope and optimism about the future, tend to make good life decisions and are willing to work hard towards positive goals.

We believe that one of the best ways to plant these “seeds of hope” and optimism in our young people is by exposing them to  Financial Literacy Training

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 "Money Talk" was an active workshop that allowed students to role play as parents. They discussed the importance of managing, budgeting and saving money.

Each student and parent was given a designed workbook to do financial management exercises to help learn and understand about literacy. 

This seminar was a learning class for parents and students. 

Our mission of education, empowerment and encouragement to enrich the lives of students

Event held July 2019

Michelle Ho- NY Life

Sponsors, Partnering and Collaborators for WYTV Financially Lit & Fit Expo 22
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