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Say Hello to  Matt Gersper | The Host of Something Significant


The goals of Something Significant is to educate, and to inspire that a better self is always possible. It focus on self awareness that allowing others to share the things they are doing of significant that can empower others.


Matt Gersper (aka Mr. Happy Living),is an author, motivational speaker, and businessman. He is the Founder of Happy Living: a health and wellness media and book publishing company. He is a three-time author: Turning Inspiration into Action, The Belief Road Map, and Inspiring Women. Matt believes a better self is always possible – today and every day… and he has dedicated the rest of his professional life to becoming all he is capable of becoming with the gifts he’s been given so that he can give to others, lift them, and help them become all they are capable of becoming with the gifts they are given.


Matt speaks to people about finding true self.

He failed and he’s succeeded. Lots of times. . .

Been hired. Been fired. Gone through divorce and nearly drowned – separate occasions!

Then one day at the bottom of a canyon, he woke up, took another chance.

He found truth and joy.

Love. Adventure. Significance. Things that matter most… to him!

And now he lives to give back.

Matt graduated from the University of California – Davis where he studied economics, played Strong Safety for the football team, and pole-vaulted for the track team. Immediately after college, he pursued his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete, only to come up short with the unique distinction of being cut from three different football teams, in three different leagues: Canadian, USFL, and NFL, all with names beginning with the letter R: Roughriders, Renegades, and Raiders, over the course of three years: 1983, ’84, and ’85.

Something Significant broadcast Thursday@ 8:00pm est airs out of Mooresville, NC.

To connect or be a guest with Matt call (214)906-6151 or email Matt. To learn more about Matt visit his website @

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Feeding Firefighters & First Responders August 15, 2020
Matt, Fire  and 

Charlotte Fire Dept Ladder # 18

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