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Past Events/Projects

WYTV7 sponsored Kits for Kids a first responders aid kits for traumatized kids in various incidents 2023

WYTV7 sponsored Rocky River High School Students in 5 K Run 2023

WYTV7 Financially Lit&Fit Expo '22 @ S. Mecklenburg High School  2022
Swing Into their Dream Scholarship - Volunteers and Sponsors 2022
Gift Card Program used to buy gift cards and purchase food for homeless  2021
Feeding Firefighters & First Responders Project in 2020

WYTV7 partnered with local Law Enforcement to build Kits For Kids.  

WYTV7 Sponsored Rocky River High Students in the Share the Harvest 5 K Run Placed 2nd

5 k rr 2nd place.jpeg
financially lit&fit students.png
WYTV7 Board Member volunteered at Swing Into Their Dreams Golf  Tournament in Atlanta Ga Pictured with LPGA . 
WYTv7 at Swing Into Their Dreams.jpg
Feeding Firemen Maryland
Mr Happy Living, Sherita & Captian
kim & captain
Feeding Firemen Maryland
Feeding Firemen Maryland banner small
Kim Garcia, Sherita Williams & Fire Captain
Mr. Happy Living & Sherita
Mr Happy Living & Captain
Feeding Firefighter & Policemen Project
Feeding Firemen Maryland 3 wagon
Firefighter  Atlanta 1 Heroes
Feeding Firefighter,  Atlanta, GA Gwinette County
Feeding Firefighter, Charlotte, NC
Feeding Firefighter in California
Feeding  Police Fountain, Colorado
Feeding Firemen Maryland 2
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