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What Are Some of the Symptoms, Effects, and Treatment  of Covid 19

What Are Some of the Symptoms, Effects, and Treatment of Covid 19

Focus: Covid-19 Disease | Education | Health | Medical Information Patricia Wade Goings share a conversation with Dr. Jane Kelly (retired Internist) discussing covid 19 disease and some of the symptoms, effects and the treatments that are available. Chapters: 0:02 [Music] 0:10evangelist Patricia Wade goings 0:48 pandemic covet 19. but you know I want 1:53 it was AIDS and it was all a big mystery 2:14 living with HIV with just one pill a day 2:46 used to work for CDC Centers for Disease 3:55 pandemic 4:19 vaccine safe should I get it or not 4:50 almost 600 million doses of covid-19 7:33 booster today I just got I had Pfizer 13:13 headache aching all over symptoms 16:45 vaccination for children and adolescents 19:20 the pros and cons for more information 21:11[Music] To see more of WYTV7 videos subscribe to our Youtube channel. We provide educational, empowerment, and encouragement of educational videos to help those looking for resources. Our organization partners with diverse and inclusive individuals who share their professional and talent to give back into the community as volunteers. While our videos are great learning tools, we understand that viewers have a variety of backgrounds and learning styles, and may require some additional information. We’ve provided some complementary materials and useful guides to help you get the most out of our Live Broadcast. We convey messages from others who share their capacity, impact, and purpose of how to help others. To learn more about WYTV7 or the desire to share your amazing story visit us @ and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Ways to support donate @
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Say Hello to  Patricia Wade Goings |  The Host of A Place Called Through

Patricia Goings is an Evangelist, Life, Health & Wellness Coach, Author of Will Power the Call to Rise Above., Mentor. Health & Wellness advocate, Host of A Place Called T.H.R.O.U.G.H.- A Place of Hope, Empowerment, and Inspiration. Life presents many challenges to everyone. A Place Called T.H.R.O.U.G.H.-helps in the discovery of what it takes to endure the tumultuous journey of getting to the place know as THROUGH. And how to allow the power of God to enable you to soar above the storms that bring sickness, tragedy, and disappointment in life.  A Place Called Through ministry shares stories of rising Above the Storm being a safe place; a place of destiny, new life, purpose and triumph.


A Place Called Through broadcast airs  out of Ridgeland, SC.

 Facebook:aplacecalledthrough@willpowerthecalltoriseabove. For events/updates: visit my website.

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Revival, Rebirth, Restoration.

Sing to Him, Sing Praises to Him; Speak of all His wonders. (1Chronicles 16:9) 

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