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Feeding Firefighters & First Responders 2021

WYTV7 on the road  collaborate with

Come On In- CEO John Williams in Fountain, Colorado to feed First Responders during our campaign of Feeding Firefighters & First Responders.

Newspaper article from Fountain, Colorado covered the story. 

Kim Garcia -WYTV7  Community Event Coordinator collaborates with another non profit in

 Clothes for the Homeless Project  Keep People Warm 2021

homeless project

volunteers for homeless project

Virtual Discussion Panelist on Covid-19 Impact
5 weeks of individual sharing 

Virtual Covid-19 Discussion Panel  final
homeless project clothing
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Micro-Grant Recipient
"Do Good"

WYTV7  recipients of the Carolina Panthers Charities micro-grant in 2020. 
Thank you Carolina Panthers
"Keep Pounding!"

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Non Profit Educational Seminar
WYTV7 provided an educational class/seminar with a diverse and inclusive new non-profit called
Carolina Road Runners Club

Their goal is to begin in 2020 focusing on Youth Empowerment, Health and Wellness and Nutrition. 
The seminar was the basics of 101 How to Start a Non-Profit. Class was held Dec. 27. 2019

Nile Run 1st Event.jpg

One years later after CRRC 1st Fundraising Event from attending the nonprofit seminar. 

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 Educational & Volunteered   Events
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