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Leadership, Civic Engagement & Interspersonal Skills 

Our leadership training programs are designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to leadership development, with a focus on building strong relationships, improving communication, and fostering a sense of daily interaction within the community.

We offer customized programs for individuals designed to help them lead with authenticity and purpose, and our program is created to educate, train, inform, and provide support to various entities regarding the best path for overall development to the aspiring leader.


Customized Program

Education & Training


WYTV7 has partnered with Equilibrium-Up to offer holistic professional and personal development sessions for those serving in executive roles, mid-level leadership and other personnel. We understand that DE&I has taken a hit recently regarding implementation, effectiveness and sincere commitment. We are also aware of the importance of human development regarding understanding, opportunity and belonging. Equilibrium Up’s goal is not to establish merely a transactional relationship with you but to establish an authentic relationship enabling us to assist you and those currently served and employed by you.

Equilibrium's programs will be  designed to develop individuals and/or  businesses with communication, relationships, and daily interaction. WYTV7 believes in the Socratic method Equilibrium utilize to provide tools to connect individuals. Equilibrium's program will improve the environment and culture of organizations by assisting individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. 

Information about our partner Equilibrium-Up

They participated as a partner with WYTV7 in our Financial Literacy Expo 23. They will be Leadership Instructors in WYTV7 Financial Literacy Youth Training and Mentoring Program available to  support WYTV7 in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. They will be participates in our Financial Literacy Expo 24. 


Also, they currently partner with academia, business, law enforcement (North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police), and the North Carolina Justice Academy, while providing sessions throughout the Carolinas. Their curriculum has been approved by the NC Justice Academy and the SC Justice Academy. They realize that corporate has a significant role in striving for a more harmonious and connected society.

Contact us about our Leadership Program, to speak with one of our Trained Instructors. 

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