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About WYTV7

 We’re a 501(c) 3 charitable nonprofit Public Service Broadcast/ Media organization listed by the IRS. We provide a talk forum with real life people whose sharing real life experienced situations. We air live broadcast/media weekly from several cities reaching and engaging millions of people worldwide in more over than 100 places such as Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Africa,India, Singapore,Ireland, Belgium, Croatia. USA and many more. We are Award Winning Recipients of 2018 Gospel Image Award for "Best Radio Station" and "Best Tv Show" 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide help for people in adverse life situations to connect with the resources that could help them take the first step.  We use Christian Broadcasters as a network to educate, empower, and  encourage people on diverse social topics. We use their talents in order to intentionally promote hope, love and charity  to  ALL people around the globe. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to affect one person at a time providing them with educational resource. We believe if we affect one then we have reached our goal. WYTV7 believe in zooming around the globe and meet people wherever they are in life.

Our Guiding Scripture

        2 Timothy 1:8-12.

We will boldly bear witness for our Lord Jesus Christ and openly claim triumph over hardships in his name. We do this not to glorify ourselves, but so that others can hear about the purpose, grace and power of God. (view our statement of faith)

About Our Broadcast 

Our  Broadcasters interview guest who  share their stories on the  varied topics to help educate our listeners on topics that occur in every day society. 

We provides a way for hurting people to connect with the resources that could help them take the first step toward the life they were meant to live.

See a few of the subjects WYTV7 have interviewed and shared: 

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Cancer, Death, Life Decisions, Military/Veteran Life, Strengthening Families,Finances, Marriage, Addictions, Human Trafficking, Youth At Risk, Homeless, Bullying, Youth Development, Suicide, Rehab, Health & Wellness, Nutrition,  Mental Health Issues, Depression, etc 

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