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Meditation Moment Of Simply Fitt

Meditation Moment Of Simply Fitt

Focus: Health and Wellness | Meditation This short meditation with Sandy White is the perfect way to end your Simply FITT routine. It allows you to reap the full benefits of your workout while fostering a sense of inner peace and well-being. So, take a deep breath, find a comfortable position, and let Sandy White lead you on a journey of relaxation. Sink into a moment of tranquility with Sandy White from Simply FITT. After a refreshing workout, let your body and mind fully unwind with a guided meditation. Imagine yourself on a crisp morning, the air clean and crisp. Sandy's calming voice guides you through gentle breathing exercises, helping you release any lingering tension. Feel your muscles soften and your worries melt away with each inhale and exhale. Picture yourself in a peaceful setting that brings you joy, perhaps a quiet beach or a lush forest. Sandy's soothing words paint a vivid picture, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this tranquil space. With each breath, you feel grounded and centered. Let go of any thoughts swirling in your mind, and simply exist in this moment of pure relaxation. To see more of WYTV7 videos subscribe to our Youtube channel. We provide educational videos to help those looking for resources. Our organization partners with diverse and inclusive individuals who share their professional and talent to give back into the community as volunteers. While our videos are great learning tools, we understand that viewers have a variety of backgrounds and learning styles, and may require some additional information. We’ve provided some complementary materials and useful guides to help you get the most out of our Live Broadcast. We convey messages from others who share their capacity, impact, and purpose of how to help others. To learn more about WYTV7 visit us @ and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ways to support donate @
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Being simply fit is more than just exercise.

Say Hello to Sandra White | The Host of Simply Fitt

Simply-FITT goal is to encourage individuals to live a simply fit life through health and nutrition by providing simple tips and strategies to individuals so they can overcome suicide, depression and other health challenges. 


Sandra's mission for Simply-FITT is to encourage individuals to live a Simply-FITT life through health and nutrition by providing simple tips and strategies to individuals so that they can overcome suicide and depression.

She collaborated with a few authors and became a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of The Daily Dose of Declaration ,which was created to combat suicide and depression.

So, join Sandra now in the fight to help stop this debilitating challenge. She has an MBA in Sports Management, certified in theology as well as a Certified Holistic health and nutrition coach. She absolutely loves to encourage people to live a balanced quality of life so they are able to become the best versions of themselves.

Sandra believes that being fit is more than just exercise!  She has a goal to collectively work and save 1 Million lives through exercise and providing nutritional education that is fun and informative.

Simply-FITT broadcast on every Wednesday @ 7:00pm EST. -airs out of Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

To be a guest and share your health and wellness story email Sandy White.

To connect with Sandra, visit her Facebook page: @  

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During the WYTV7 Feeding Firemen project, Sandy White, the host of Simply Fitt, goes into the community and Feed Fire Fighter @862 Firehouse with healthy food to show appreciation and say, "Thank You" to first responders who take the 911 call and save lives.

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