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Meet the Host of the Bridge: Dr. Tina Boyle Whyte.  

It's mission is focusing and providing education on Mental Health and Well being of people; to transforms the mind, body and spirit to wholeness. 

Tina Boyle Whyte, MS in Education Administration and an Honorary Doctorate in Human Services. Tina Boyle Whyte brings years of experience developing people worldwide.  


Tina has worked professionally in the Kindergarten – 12th grade school environment for the last 20 years. Additionally, Tina served in the United States Air Force Reserves for the past 30 years. Throughout her military career, Tina provided Leadership Development Training to over 700 reservist throughout the United States.


As a Distinguished Toastmaster, Tina develops a unique message catered specifically to develop her audiences. Tina utilizes both motivational and trans-formative messages to support people in their development while moving them from where they are to where want and need to be.


Tina is a trained Life Coach who incorporates and utilizes best practice tools to provide effective coaching services for both individual and organizational improvement.  As a foundational tool, Tina utilizes a variety of assessments for developing her clients. Collectively, these tools assist Tina in developing a plan of action for her clients. She provides a variety of coaching services ranging from Instructional, Employment, Business and Life coaching. 

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The Bridges airs out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday 8:00pm est

You can connect with Tina @email: tina@tinaboylewhyte.com or website:tinaboylewhyte.com