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Meet the  Host 
Kim McAuley


Remember, be led by

the Holy Spirit in all you do! 

Single In Christ
Hello! My name is Kim McAuley and I'm just a saved single woman who loves Jesus.

I've had my heart broken into pieces, crushed, and stepped on by men, friends, and family.  I've had to rely totally on Jesus for my healing.

Single In Christ mission is  to simply be an outlet to voice how God is leading me through all of the twists and turns in life.

It's about more than my dating adventures (or misadventures). It's about bringing awareness to Health and Wellness of self care. 

 It's for those who truly seek to live in God and do things His way. This blog is for encouragement. This blog is to let you know that you are not alone.

This is not a blog to list the reasons why you’re still single, or where to find the best Christian men/women. It's about holy-living while still in your single season.

Whether we are married or single, Jesus must be the motivation for everything we do. Prayerfully, this is a place where singles in Christ can come and find comfort, healing, and refuge in God.

 Single In Christ airs out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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