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Say Hello to Dr. Sarah Williams | Host of Realitea Therapy

I am a Mother, a Military Widow, and Survivor of Trauma. My life experiences to healing led me to become Licensed and National Board-Certified Mental Health Therapist with a specialization in Grief, Stress, and Trauma Care.

I understand the importance of storytelling for healing. I offer viewers compelling interviews with individuals that have been impacted by Mental Health. Each episode will offer personal interviews, clinical knowledge, resources, and support.


 I will cover related news and current relevant events. Some of the topics include Military and PTSD, Women’s Health, Autism, Suicide, Professional Athletes and Mental Health, Parenting, Marriage/Family Therapy, Sexual Trauma, Addiction, etc. I am fortunate to have access to guest that are Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Executives as well as community members that want to share their story.

I am also the creator and host of Mental Health TV Programming that has aired on Sky4TV, The NOW Network, and Our Brand TV. I have been a featured Health Expert for WTKR Channel 3 News, A&E Television

Realitea Therapy with Dr. Sarah broadcast will air on Wednesday @9:00pm EST. This broadcast airs out of Charlotte, NC. 

To be a guest and share your story email at or by phone at 877-377-DRSARAW for additional information.

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