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Meet the Host of Outspoken with Hymnz & Metaphors
David (Chosen)& Valentina Moore
This couple wanted to use their God given talents together Bringing the Kingdom to the Culture. They have put together an arts experience that brings hip hop and spoken word into a Christian setting to show that this genre can also be a form of praise and worship.
Chosen is a Christian rap/hip hop artist who is masterful with his lyrics and has several hit songs out right now that can be found on all music outlets. He is also a member of the well know Christian Rap group the “JustHisLeague” and has performed at many community events, churches, and prisons spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Valentina is a spoken word artist that has toured the country with her poetry team “Queen City CLTive” all the way from D.C. to Dallas and has graced many states with her light. She writes from the soul and spirit of the Lord, and has been called a great storyteller. Together they are The Moores, and “Hymnz & Metaphors.”
Outspoken With Hymnz & Metaphors airs 1st & 3rd Thursday @9:00pm out of Charlotte, NC
To connect with them to perform at your church or youth ministry email: hymnz.metaphors@gmail.com. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.