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Gwen Woody


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Live & Be Well

Health and Wellness Conversations
Health and Wellness Conversations  mission is to help you create the healthier life that God has already purposed just for YOU!. Our host Gwen share years of experience in health and wellness.
As a survivor of domestic violence and a  mother of two sons, I decided that I needed Christ in my life, not only to live differently, but to heal. As a nurse, life learner, author, local business owner of The Wellness Loft, LLC/ Wellness WERKS 8, I saw the need to help others become well with a holistic approach. My focus is diabetes because it effects the entire body and the entire family. It is important to to know that God created us from the earth, so we should heal from the earth with affordable, obtainable, and sustainable methods.
I firmly believe in Exodus 23:25 and teach this to my listening and client base. I also use the 8 facets of wellness, (SAMSHA), with scripture and knowledge to help persons understand that life was designed to live and not exists. I am a  I am certified as a Yoga Instructor and Pre- Diabetes Lifestyle Coach. My purpose is to create a healthier and health literate communities. My business is Christ centered around the Christian lifestyle. 

Bible Scripture: 3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 

Health & Wellness airs Live podcast every  Thursday @ 8:00pm est on Spreaker.com 
Health and Wellness Conversations air on WYTV7 Christian Broadcasters Network from  Baltimore, Maryland
  Visit Gwen's  website for more information.
 Connect with her https://www.wellnesswerks8.com/