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 E-Gift Card E Bucks Program

Join us as we provide support to feed families, essential or frontline workers in our community through our E-Gift Card E-Bucks program.

E-gift cards e-bucks are the same as cash both in the stores or online. The E-Gift Card E-Bucks program has a wide selection with over 250 cards to choose from with an emphasis on grocery and pharmacy. There are two options to choose from to purchase your E-gift cards E-bucks today.

Option #1

1.  Visit our website at

2.  Select from over 250 retails stores are available in the E- Gift Card e- bucks’ catalog.  

3.  Hit the “Donate Now” button to make your selection.

4.  Select the $ donation option specified for projects. (Note – you can elect to purchase a higher amount by choosing other and entering your amount.)

a.  If you are gifting an E-Gift card to someone add their name & phone number in the comment section after entering your contact information and your billing information.

b.  We will contact the recipient and send them the E-card either via email, text, or mail directly to them.  

c.   Otherwise, we will contact other community resources for referrals.

Option #2

1.  Partner with us by getting our Dynamic Pay APP  (contact us & ask us how this works)

2.  Feed families directly while helping us serve our mission to Educate, Empower, and Encourage communities.

3.  Distribute E-bucks through E-Gift cards yourself.  (Note: E- Gift cards never expire!)

Grants can also be used to purchase e-cards for community support.  An example is a college in California who recently used a $75,000 grant, earmarked for food insecure students, to purchase e-gift cards to grocery stores.  Each card was identified with a number and a link, which were then emailed to the students.  This provided the college a completely digital format, enabling them to have a convenient, trackable, and touchless program to provide funds to the students.  

Remember: We are all in this together!


Over 250 Gift Card Brands Available

dynamic pay app
store samples for dynamic pay app
WYTV7 sample gift card