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 Instruction on E-Gift Card Program

Join us as we provide support to feed senior citizens, feeding  families, essential or frontline workers in our community through our E-Gift Card program.

E-gift cards are the same as cash both in the stores or online. The E-Gift Card program has a wide selection with over 250 cards to choose. There are two options to choose from to purchase your E-gift cards today.

Option #1

1. If you want to view more retails stores click button for available in the E- Gift Card selection.  

2. Click                 to select gift card amount

3. Hit donate, then select the $ donation option you want to give.

4.  You can elect to purchase a higher amount by choosing other and entering your amount.)

a.  If you are gifting an E-Gift card to someone add their name in the honor section add their email in the box next to it. After entering your contact information, phone  and your billing information. 

b.  We will contact  you to  verify or get the recipient and send them the E-card either via email, text, or mail directly to them.  

c.   Otherwise, we will contact other community resources for referrals.

 d.  Distribute  E-Gift cards yourself.  (Note: E- Gift cards never expire!)

 Option #2

Grants can also be used to purchase e-cards for community support.  An example is a college in California who recently used a $75,000 grant, earmarked for food insecure students, to purchase e-gift cards to grocery stores.  Each card was identified with a number and a link, which were then emailed to the students.  This provided the college a completely digital format, enabling them to have a convenient, trackable, and touchless program to provide funds to the students.  

Remember: We are all in this together!

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