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Nurture and Invest In It

Say Hello to Byron Pettit | Host of Family Matters 

Byron Pettit, is a Certified Family Court Mediator for the 26th Judicial District (Mecklenburg County) of North Carolina. Mr. Pettit has been a Family Court Mediator for ten years and prior to that was a Child Custody Mediator in Orange County, California for five years. In his fifteen years as a Mediator, Mr. Pettit has mediated well over 1500 cases and testified in court in various family court proceedings. He has trained incoming mediators within the 26th Judicial District and plays an active role in new judge training in regard to understanding the responsibility of a Family Court Mediator.

Mr. Pettit received the 2019 Trial Court Administrator’s Office Helen Stonestreet Employee of the Year Award for his hard work and dedication to the Family Court Mediation Division. Mr. Pettit’s jobs as Mediator in both California and North Carolina comes with a humble honor, he is the first African American Male Child Custody Mediator for Superior Court in Orange, CA. and the first African American Male Family Court Mediator in the State of North Carolina.  When not working he is actively involved in coaching youth sports and spending time with family.  Mr. Pettit cites Luke 12:48 as a source of inspiration:  “To whom much is given, much will be expected”. I never thought I would be in the field this long, but while I am here, I will do what I can to make the road less worrisome for people who need my assistance”


Family Matters air from Charlotte, NC. every Thursday at 9:00pm est. To connect with Byron call him at 704 288-4612 or email at

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