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Kim Garcia -WYTV7  Community Event Coordinator collaborates with another non profit in

 Clothes for the Homeless Project  Keep People Warm 2021

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Feeding FireFighters & First Responders Project in 2020

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Educating Students on Financial Management and Saving for College

Virtual on-line student financial literacy workshop-april 2020

Financial Literacy Program for Students

Student Financial Literacy Seminar pictu

 "Money Talk" was an active workshop that allowed students to role play as parents. They discussed the importance of managing, budgeting and saving money.

Each student and parent was given a designed workbook to do financial management exercises to help learn and understand about literacy. 


This seminar was a learning class for parents and students. 

Our continued goals is to raise funds for a  scholarship to  help students attend college.  Our mission of education, empowerment and encouragement to enrich the lives of student to get higher learning. 

Event held July 2019