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Valerie Gilchrist -Best Life Coach

Meet the Host

Valerie P. Gilchrist

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Authenticity is passed down generationally.

Esther's Purpose

Host Valerie Gilchrist. is  from Augusta, Georgia. She is a military brat and a Veteran and  the founder, creator, and featured speaker of Esther's Purpose.  Valerie has been speaking for seventeen years with a passion to help those dealing with traumatic life events to unmask, feel their pain, heal, and recover. Within those seventeen years I have also personally coached hundreds of individuals how to reset their lives and begin again by changing their negative thought patterns about themselves.
She began holding Esther’s Purpose Conferences in 2014 in order to demonstrate how and why our lives have been affected by the issues of life and passed on from family member to family member; then spreads out to neighborhoods, work environments, communities, and subsequently our nation. 
Valerie is a dynamic speaker who has honed her craft well.  She has a unique style that draws her audience in and takes them on a journey.  Valerie has been speaking for seventeen years with a passion for those who have been through traumatic life events that has altered their sense self. 
Through her Esther’s Purpose Conferences, Valerie creates an environment that allows her attendees to let their guards down, face their issues, heal, and recover.
As a broadcaster for WYTV7, Valerie interviews those who have gone through trials of life and came out in victory and with purpose.  Valerie can be contacted for speaking engagements through her website @ or email at
My life scripture has always been: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33 KJV