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Ask me How You Can Save Money, Earn Unlimited Cash Back and Help Increase

Student Financial Literacy!

Introducing the new WYTV7 Mobile App!

Stop pulling your credit card in and out of your wallet exposing to those around you.

Now, you can create e-giftcards on the spot at over 300 locations nationally and online, right from your smartphone or PC.

 Your once a year donation of $25 helps immediately and throughout the year.

Every time you use our app, you receive up to 15% cash rebate and WYTV7 receives a donation for our Student Financial Literacy Program Fundraiser.

It's like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay with a Charity twist with a win-win for all who use it and earn unlimited cash back.

Connect your favorite credit cards or checking account and stack up the savings.

  We want to share because we care about you this season. Make life a safe way of spending. 

It's simple, fun and makes a difference in students' lives. 

Learn more and join our Student Financial Literacy Campaign today at www.dynamicpay.net/WYTV7/join

Over 300 Gift Card Brands Available