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Meet the Host Pastor Irwin Noriega

Pastor Irwin is a young pastor from the Philippines but was called by God to ministry while he was living in Singapore. Anyone who knew him before would not ever think he can be a pastor material and even he himself could not believe that he was indeed called by God to be a pastor through a dream.

He recalls it vividly that in the early morning of January 25, 2013 he was woken up by a nudging from the Lord whom he can hear telling him to get up and read the Bible. Though he was a church attender then, reading the Bible was never a priority and he can even miss going to church without a bother to him. He could not go back to sleep when he heard the Lord. He had to get up and open his Bible to Genesis where the Lord led him to read the story of a promised child to Abraham and Sarah. After reading it, he heard the Lord asking him if he would answer His call to be a pastor if his wife becomes pregnant just like Sarah. Irwin was wishing for another child for some time now but he knew that his wife could not be pregnant as they have just tested negative a few days before. Just so he can go back to sleep, he replied yes to the question but the Lord spoke again saying that he will name the child Isaac and that he will be used by the Lord for His glory. He happily went back to sleep assuming that it was just a dream which he then shared to his wife in the morning. His wife could not believe it too as she thinks it impossible for Irwin to be a pastor. She was reluctant as well to test again for pregnancy because she tested negative already but to put an end to the question whether it was just a dream or not, she did test again. Lo and behold, it came out positive and that brought a chill to Irwin's spine! But another thought came to mind for Irwin. If the child is a girl then maybe it really was just his wishful thinking that made him imagine God calling him but a few months later, a son came out and that was confirmation enough that the Lord spoke to him indeed. That paved the way for the rest of the story.  Tagline: Everyone need a Coffee Break to get through the day.


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