Bible Study class begins Oct 7 10:00am (est)  virtual weekly class. Ended Nov 11, 2020

Classes will resume in Jan 2021. 

Once you register you will get a Zoom link to attend the class. See you then! 

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Becky Gandy- Facilitator
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These are probably two of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself and answer!!


When it comes to where they'll spend eternity, many people "hope" they'll find a place in heaven, while others just assume their place there is secure.

Rather than guessing or presuming  about the future , you can find in the book of 1 John a definite answer about where you  stand with God. As you learn how a person's lifestyle reflects the character of the one to whom they belong - whether God or the devil - you'll learn exactly what it means to walk in light rather than darkness.


This enlightening study will lead you to the confidence, peace, and joy that come from knowing without a doubt that God is your father and heaven is your home.


This is a 6 week study that can change your life! There is no homework, it will help you discover for yourself what God says and how it applies to your life today. By the end of this study you will know that you know that you know that when you close your eyes in death you will open them in the presence of the Lord! Eternal security! 


Come join us & recommend to your friends! This is a ladies only study for any age- young & old- even home-schoolers! Each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small group discussion. You don't have to have any knowledge of the Bible- just come as you are, seeking, having questions you want answered in these unusual  & challenging times. Let this be your "safe place".

If you need prayer, please send request each week by Friday evening @ 6:00pm. We will send to the group for each person to pray together.  If you have questions about the class you can  call (980)202-2915  Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm (est) 

You can order your book on or Amazon -  How Do You Know God’s Your Father?

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